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Bring Play into Practice: Partner Yoga at Birmingham Yoga

  • Birmingham Yoga 605 37th St S Birmingham, AL, 35222 United States (map)

Bring Play into Practice: Partner Yoga at Birmingham Yoga

August 8th –  4:00pm – 6:00pm
Cost: $40 per Couple
Instructor: Kim Drye, HereNowYoga

Having a buddy can really make things more fun! Partner yoga is rich with metaphors about how to approach your relationships and connections with others — how to offer support and be supported, how to set boundaries, how to reach beyond yourself without fear.  Most importantly though, a partner class is a chance to be playful within your practice.

Bring a friend to Birmingham Yoga to experience this new way to bring playfulness into your yoga practice and relationships.

The asana will be accessible for all levels. Some of the class will be learning how to adjust your partner’s poses to offer them extra support or enhance their stretch, and part of the class will be you and your partner in a combined pose.

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For more information about what to expect in a partners yoga class, check out this interview with Kim Drye, HereNowYoga, about the class she taught last year at One Center Yoga in Asheville, NC in the Mtn Xpress.

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