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Breathe Easy: Sidebending Poses with Kim Drye

  • One Center Yoga 120 Coxe Ave Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

Breathe Easy!
Side Bending Poses 
with Kim Drye, HereNowYoga

Saturday, April 11th, 11am-1pm

Side bends help stretch and tone the muscles along the outer sides of the abdomen and rib cage, helping to keep the spine supple. Side bends also create interior space for the abdominal organs, expand the diaphragm, and lift the collarbones and sternum. As a result, the breath deepens, allowing prana to flow. All levels are welcome.

Join visiting and popular teacher Kim Drye to practice poses like parighasana, (gate-latch pose), one of several valuable side bends that:
Balance the sides of the body
Mobilize the spine
Bring freedom into the chest and neck 
Cost for 2-hour classes: $25 with prepaid registration, $30 day of class