January Jumpstart--Special New Years offer

Happy New Year!  Announcing a special offer available through January:

Three private sessions for the cost of two!

Reasons you might consider private lessons:

1) You're shy: You're a newbie and just want to give yoga a try without any extra eyes on you except a knowlegeable teacher.

2) You're curious:  You've been attending classes but have a few questions about whether you're approaching a pose or sequence correctly/safely.  A private lesson is also the perfect opportunity to start asking more questions about yogic philosophy or get advice on how to develop a meditation practice.

3) You've got a boo-boo:  You've got a yoga or non-yoga related injury or special situation you're trying to figure out how to either heal or work around in your practice. 

4) You need inspiration: You're stuck in a rut in your practice and wondering how to take it to the next level.  A private lesson is an opportunity to try a more difficult pose with a teacher to keep you safe and supported.

5) You're ready for a home practice:  Developing a home practice is the difference between practicing yoga as an exercise and adopting it as a lifestyle. Once you've attended a few classes and have a basic understanding of even a few poses, it's time to start practicing on your own for self-inquiry and self-study.  A private lesson can help you design an appropriate sequence to do on your own. 

Email herenowyoga@gmail.com to schedule or use this contact form.