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Energetic Alignment with Keeley Michael

Energetic Alignment with Keeley Michael

at Practice Works , April 26th-28th


This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and students who want to go beyond the physical postures of yoga and acquire a deeper understanding of how yoga works.

Yoga is a holistic experience that effects the body, breath, mind, behaviors and emotions. But, how? Yoga’s potency is because of its energetic effect on the human system. This workshop will help demystify the energetic effect and give practical application to your life and teaching. Understanding the energetic body will help you powerfully choose yoga tools to bring you and/or your students back to balance.

Throughout the workshop, Keeley Michael C-IAYT, will lead you through lecture, small group discussion and practice (including asana, pranayama and guided meditation). Keeley’s workshop is inspired by her teacher Amy Wheeler, of Optimal State, who is a long-time student of the Krishnamacharya Desikachar yoga lineage.

During the workshop we’ll explore:

  • How the body, mind, behaviors, and emotions are interconnected and influencing of each other

  • Prana, Nadis, Mala and Agni

  • An overview of the Chakras and yoga’s effect on them

  • The energetic alignment and effect within the physical postures of yoga

Cost: $235 Early Bird Registration until April 12th, $275 after

Hours: Fri 6-9pm, Sat + Sun 9-5pm (lunch 12-1pm)

Location: Practice Works, 3613 6th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama 35222

You will earn up to 17 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance. This course also counts as a specialty workshop toward HereNowYoga’s 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program.