Restorative Yoga + Hot Stones Workshop in October

Restorative Yoga + Hot Stones
with Kim Drye, HereNowYoga 
Saturday Oct. 11th, 2014 2-4pm
at Birmingham Yoga 

Melt away physical tension and energetic knots with deeply restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, and soft music. Hot stones will be placed on you during poses to aid in the release of constrictions and provide a warm, relaxing sensation.
$25 early registration until Oct. 4th, $30 after.
All levels welcome. 
Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. 


Back to Basics Workshop: Standing Poses

Back to Basics Workshop: Standing Poses
Saturday, August 9th 2015

4:00pm - 6:00pm

This workshop, the first of a series of “Back to Basics” classes with Asheville, NC native Kimberly Drye, will break down basic standing poses– exploring how each one relates to the alignment in Tadasana, Mountain Pose. Perfect for beginners or for vinyasa practitioners wanting to reinforce their understanding of technique and safety. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and develop your practice.
$25 at the door
$20 pre-registration

1425 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, Birmingham, Alabama 35205


Light on the Other Side of the Tunnel

Some Sunday evening magic found in the Magic City: 
Sunset at Railroad Park, downtown Birmingham 
Hand-to-big-toe in the Magical Magic City Tunnel, downtown Birmingham

Triangle Pose in the Magical Magic City tunnel, downtown Birmingham

Twisted Side Angle in Railroad Park, downtown Birmingham

My Benny jumping in on the yoga action with Crow Pose, Railroad Park in Birmingham, AL


This is Where I Belong

This is Where I Belong

I love my new shirt by @holdfastprintworks. It reminds me that wherever I go in my day, that's where I belong.  This motto reminds me of my goal to be at home in all places by being truly present from one moment to the next.  It's an especially challenging goal after my recent move.  I have realized that when I long to be somewhere else, my energy becomes scattered. 

It took me a long time to convince myself that I belonged at the front of a yoga class, as a teacher. There have been so many doubts and questions about whether I practice enough, whether I am wise enough, etc.  
Now I know the trick to being a good teacher is simply to be present and stay focused on my students-- learn to look beyond my own self doubts.  When I manage this, I feel completely at home.  


Co-exist: Day 3 of #100daysofhappiness

Gluten Free cardamom donut from Urban Standard in downtown Birmingham, AL
I'm only on Day 3, and already I'm coming up against the feeling that this #100daysofhappiness challenge is a little false, a pretense. These days are tough right now, and I often feel like the sunlight is dimmer than it used to be and sad, grieving tears are an every day occurrence.  I miss home, it's hard to say goodbye to the life I lived so fully in Asheville.    Even as I look around and find a thousand reasons to be grateful, I can't shake the heavy blanket on my shoulders. 
I can still smile as I bite into the blueberry cardamom donut I found in a coffee shop and sigh with pleasure as I watch the play of light on green grass as I sit in a park.  Within me is the deep joy of finding a man who loves me resoundingly and the unconditional friendship of my sweet husky.  Yet it's there, the sadness.  Along with it-- the shame, the guilt. Why can't I be grateful for what I have?  Why isn't it ever enough? 
The fight against my oncoming depression is to stay busy.  I organize, I clean, I make dates with people I hope desperately will be my new friends. I take up running.

It started to take me over last weekend.  When one of my new friends announced she's moving.  She's going to design school in Atlanta.  I shrugged the seeping, oozing sense of fear I felt on hearing this news off.  It doesn't matter, I barely know her--I'll meet so many new people!  But the next day, another friend I have in Birmingham said she's moving to Texas for a great job opportunity. 
I'm thrilled for both of them, truly I am.  But suddenly, the small progress I made towards what matters most to me-- friendship-- is gone.   The loss of these new friends felt a thousand times magnified as the faces of all my friends that I could depend on, that I saw so regularly in Asheville came to mind.
Suddenly, I felt so alone.  

Then Ben went out of town.  He had to go for work and I chose to stay in our apartment and work on some tasks that I felt needed a long bout of concentration-- my website, my business cards, my blog, my resume, etc. All the very time consuming and focused tasks that come with moving your own business to a new town. 
Frustration.  Why should I start over?  Will teaching yoga ever really pay off?  Will my often very soft voice be heard among the loud funky fun playlists in hot classes and rumble of trains that make up this new town? 
These last few days I question everything. For the hundredth time since I taught my first yoga class, I wonder why I'm doing it.  I teach today, at 4.  No one showed up to my class on Tuesday.  I expect that, it's going to happen.  But I'd be lying if I said it doesn't affect me.  

Yet at the same time, I know I won't stop.  I know it way deep inside me, that the passion I have for teaching, for connecting with other people in this special way--is deeply important to me.  
So is this challenge a waste of time?  Does everyone who sees these pictures want to roll their eyes?  Do they see that behind these single moments in my day, I'm struggling to stay passionate?  
Last night, I crumpled to my knees against the cupboards in the kitchen, curled up with my head between my knees.  I wasn't thinking-- just feeling again the weight of change, the grief of letting go of one chapter of my life to start another.  I looked up and saw the brightly colored hand towels I bought the other day, I saw the herbs sitting prettily on the windowsill. I was happy--yet sad.
Finding beauty in our lives is useful-- it doesn't mean the pain and heartache, the suffering of everyday life disappears. It all co-exists.  
So maybe this challenge isn't a pretense?  Maybe I can find moments of happiness even as I struggle?  And don't you want to know I can?    
Clean crisp sheet spread on a shady spot in the park with a good book.


Practice at The Yoga Circle Inverness

I love practicing at the Yoga Circle Inverness, where I teach in Birmingham, AL. every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5:15pm.
The class is called "HereNowYoga" and is perfect for those looking for a warm (not hot) practice focused on alignment technique and breaking down poses.  It's the kind of practice perfect for beginners or an excellent restorative type of practice to complement an existing Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Power practice. Below are some pics from my personal practice this afternoon in the beautiful space. 

Happiness Day 2: Snot Rocket

#100daysofhappiness Day 2: 

I'm happy to have made a new buddy...Trent from Alabama Triple A, aka Miracle Worker.  Before he started jumping car batteries, this guy used to jump out of airplanes for the Army.  Now he has two knee replacements at the ripe old age of 31 and is incredibly patient with my fussy old Toyota nicknamed "Snot Rocket".  It was nice to meet Trent, and nice to see Snot live on for further adventures in the Deep South.