Holiday Self Care Packages

Buy yourself or friend/family member the gift of self care this holiday season. 

HereNowYoga is offering a special package deal on a limited number of private sessions through December 31st, 2017.  THREE 60 minute sessions for the cost of TWO, thats $150 instead of $225!  Available as a printable gift card delivered to your inbox. 

Choose between these four options: Balanced Hips, Happy Back, Open Shoulders, or Overall Wellness. Includes a .pdf and hard copy of a take-home practice sequence.  Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.  No prior yoga experience required.

***Exclusive to Asheville, NC and surrounding area-- all sessions held at Anjali Yoga East, 960 Tunnel Rd. or The Embodiment Center, 120 Coxe Ave. and must be scheduled by May 1st, 2018.***  


Balanced Hips

Explore your range of motion and gain a deeper understanding of alignment through supine, standing, and seated hip-opening and hip-strengthening asanas. Improve balance and posture.

This option is a MUST for cyclers, runners, and other athletes, as well as desk-dwellers and any one experiencing "cranky" hips.  Emphasizes both mobility and stability. 


Happy Back

 This package is for general back care and maintenance-- learn how to maintain the natural curves of the spine, release general tightness in the low and upper back as well as how to strengthen back muscles with progressive spinal extension.

This option is great for those who spend too much time at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, or doing any repetitive work such as moving heavy objects or waiting tables. 


Open Shoulders

Modern technology has made neck and shoulder tension an epidemic. In this series package, you will learn how to build strength and relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders.  A special emphasis on breathing technique is included. 

This is a great option for computer workers, new moms, or anyone else caught up in the daily stresses of life that tend to build up at the base of the neck.


Overall Wellness

Wellness is more than learning how to keep sickness and disease at bay.  Wellness incorporates the whole self-- mind, body, spirit.  This package is a set of three sessions focused on learning how you can thrive-- self care time centered around creating more joy and harmony in your every day existence. Learn relaxation and meditation techniques, as well as a general asana practice. 

All January Jumpstart packages are designed to promote general health and wellness, not suitable for acute pain or diagnosis.  Please consult your medical professional with any specific injuries, email me at with questions or concerns. 

Scheduling is available throughout the week and weeknights, weekends have limited availabilty. 

All sessions taught by Kimberly Drye, 500 hour experienced alignment specialist.  The sessions are a mix of alignment and vini-flow, include the breakdown of poses, demos, and individualized attention. Please arrive fifteen minutes early to the first session for intake.