Weekly Classes  


  • 9-10 am       Warm Slow Flow     Anjali
  • 5:15-6:15     Warm Slow Flow   Anjali Yoga East (Begins September 2017)



** Listed classes are held in Ashevile, NC with HereNowYoga founder, Kim Drye E-500 RYT.  For alignment based and/or therapeutic classes in Birmingham, AL with other HereNowYoga teachers check Embody Practice Center. 

Class Descriptions

Warm Slow Flow: This 60 minute class is for ALL LEVELS.  An energizing slower paced flow, common poses will occasionally be “broken down,” workshop-style, to give you a better understanding of how to mold the physical practice to better suit your individual needs. Each class will include specific instruction and demos. This is an excellent class for both beginners looking for a slower explanation of technique and for advanced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding. Warm= 80-85 degrees

 Alignment Yoga: A well rounded sequence of challenging asana is taught. Most of the poses are demonstrated and variations are offered to safely match the abilities of students.  Props are used to both make more advanced poses accessible and to emphasize specific alignment points.  Each class begins with a question/consideration related to yogic philosophy with a few moments of seated reflection and meditation. 

Yoga for Recovery: A weekly class offered to residents at Swain Recovery Center, a residential treatment facility that serves adults struggling with substance use problems and mental health disorders.  Each class focuses on specific skills used to diffuse tension in the mind and body, make more clear decisions, break negative habits, and access strength, calm and clarity on demand.  This class is facilitated through Light A Path, a local Asheville program that supports personal, communal and ecological resilience by connecting service-minded yoga teachers, somatic therapists, and body workers to populations with limited access to holistic resources.