HereNowYoga 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Directed by Kim Drye and Becca Impello, HereNowYoga’s 300 Hour teacher training features the best, most experienced instructors in the Birmingham yoga community and offers the opportunity for yoga teachers and students to advance their yoga practice and knowledge through continuing education or pursue a RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance.

HereNowYoga’s advanced yoga teacher training continues to emphasize the accessible, alignment-based asana and mindfulness practices for wellness that are central to the 200 hour entry level training.

The advanced training provides students with:

  • Further study of all aspects of yoga practice: philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation, lifestyle and wellness.

  • Skills to enhance the teaching of yoga including cueing, sequencing, assisting, themes, intelligent flow sequencing, demoing and observing students.

  • Deeper exploration of human anatomy and biomechanics, including how to apply these concepts to asana in order to make the physical practice of yoga both safe and productive for all types of students.

  • Instruction on the business of yoga and how to succeed while adhering to yogic ethics and principles.

  • A selection of specialty topic weekends allowing students of the advanced program to learn more about the practices and populations that are of the most interest to them.

Structured for flexibility, the training modules for the 300 hour training are self-paced and can be taken in any order.


Completion of a Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 100 hours of teaching experience is recommended. Applicants who have not have much exposure to alignment style yoga are encouraged to start their training with HereNowYoga’s Mindfulness Retreat at Cheaha State Park. All training modules will be open to any yoga teacher or student for continuing education as well as those enrolled in the full 300 hour training.

Program Requirements:

Practice Retreat - minimum of 30 Hours - Attend a retreat focused on the practice of yoga and meditation. Approved retreats include HereNowYoga’s Mindfulness Retreat at Cheaha State Park in March, Conscious Body’s Yogi Fellowship Retreat at Callaway Gardens in September and Birmingham Yoga’s New Year’s Retreat in Guatemala. Other yoga retreats can be submitted to HereNowYoga for approval of this requirement.

Two 5-Day Teaching Intensives

Three Weekend Asana Intensives

Five Additional Specialty Weekends from a choice of yoga related topics such as:

  • Yoga for Seniors

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Somatics Yoga

  • Yoga Psychology

  • Yoga for Back Care

  • Yoga for Community Activism

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga’s Energy Anatomy

Practicum Teaching Project - Includes one on one time with program directors for development of individual teaching skills and culminates in a final public teaching project.

20 Hours of Yoga Class Assisting

Cost: The advanced training is designed to be self-paced with a pay-as-you-go format to the training modules. A $500 registration fee is required to be a candidate for the 300 hour certification and covers one on one time with the directors for development of the final teaching practicum, classroom assisting hours and training materials. The $500 fee does not have to be paid prior to starting the other training modules. Overall cost of the full 300 hour training is approximately $3,950 depending on the practice retreat and the number of specialty workshops.

  • 5 Day Teaching Intensives (2)- $495 ($425 for early registration)

  • Weekend Asana Intensives (3) - $350 ($275 for early registration)

  • Specialty Weekends (5 or more) - $200-$350

  • Practice Retreat (minimum 30 hours) - $$ variable

Training Module Dates for 2019:

Practice Retreats (only one retreat required for program)

  • Mindfulness Retreat at Cheaha State Park, AL March 14-18th, 2019

Asana Intensives:

5 Day Teaching Intensives:

Specialty Weekends:

*** To express interest in joining the program in 2018 or to ask any specific questions, please email us at***